The World's Finest Tequila™

Cierto is authentic, ultra-premium tequila meticulously handcrafted from the finest agave in all of Mexico. Cierto means “true” in Spanish and that’s the perfect way to describe our incredibly smooth tasting tequilas.

While many brands of tequila use small immature agave, high pressure diffusers and additives such as glycerin, fake colors and artificial flavors, Cierto is completely different.

We only use healthy, fully mature agave hand selected by our fourth and fifth generation master distillers. We cook the agave slowly and carefully, and we never add anything artificial to our tequila. Cierto is 100% pure and natural tequila.

Cierto tequila agave field
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Cierto tequila agave field

Cierto is authentic handcrafted “true” tequila made from the very finest highland agave azul in Jalisco, Mexico. Due to its character, complexity and incredibly smooth taste, Cierto has been heralded by tequila experts as
The World’s Finest Tequila


Cierto has won top honors in every competition it has entered, and has already won an unprecedented eighty (80) international medals and awards.

In 2019, Cierto was named “Tequila of the Year” six (6) times, and our distillery was named “Distiller of the Year” three (3) times. Our smooth, rare tequilas are some of the most highly rated and coveted tequilas in the world.

Master Distillers

Our Master Distillers, Enrique Fonseca and Sergio Mendoza, are fourth and fifth generation agaveros. Their families have grown agave since the 1800s and they have become one of the largest agave growers in the world. They bring generations of knowledge and expertise to every bottle of Cierto.

Enrique Fonseca

Sergio Mendoza

Enrique and Sergio hand select only the finest mature agave for Cierto. They then handcraft Cierto in the legendary La Tequileña distillery, located in the heart of the town of Tequila.

Enrique and Sergio combine five key elements when making Cierto:

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After patiently tending to their estate grown highland agaves in the rich soils of Atotonilco, Enrique and Sergio select only the very best agaves for Cierto.  Each agave grows for seven to ten years before being harvested, allowing for full maturation.


Harvested at the peak of their sweetness, the hand selected agaves are cooked slowly and carefully to allow the pinas (the heart of the agaves) to yield the sweet juice that forms the base of Cierto.


The agave juice is combined with our proprietary yeast and fresh, natural spring water which has been filtered through volcanic rock over hundreds of years. There’s nothing artificial added to Cierto, we only use 100% pure and natural ingredients.


Before bottling Cierto, every batch is filtered and oxygenated twice to ensure a smooth finish every time you taste one of our incredible tequilas.


It takes time to perfect a great tequila. Enrique and Sergio diligently handcraft each batch of Cierto with patience and tender care. They are true artisans deeply committed to delivering excellence in every bottle.

We hope that Cierto elevates your spirits and that you are graced with love, honor, truth, and beauty in your life. Salud!

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